CONTEST: Be a contestant on ‘the IN word’ s “Blanking Game Show”!

Fill in the blanks! The funniest submission will be invited to appear as a contestant on ‘the IN word’s next “Blanking Game Show.”  Now here’s the CONTEST QUESTION:

We’re not saying Nancy Pelosi has had a lot of face-lifts, but there’s a ______ where her ____ used to be.

Submit your ‘blank fillers’ in the comment section below… Remember, multiple blanks require multiple responses.


  1. No obscenities
  2. Entries must be accompanied by a valid email address for notification purposes only.
  3. All entrants must be ‘free’ subscibers to THIS “the In word” site (top of the right column on this page)
  4. No more than 3 Entries per person
  5. Liberals may enter, but must provide proof of current vaccinations and citizenship.
If you win:
  1. You will be notified via the email you provided with your entry.
  2. Upon notification you will have 2 business days to respond.
To appear on the show, you must have: 
  1. Webcam
  2. Free Skype Account
  3. NON-PUBLIC high speed internet.
  4. pants