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Okay, in the sense that it is money-raising time, I guess we’re kinda like PBS without those annoying liberals, or those creepy ‘soft-talkers’ but be that as it may, we are a conservative grassroots media venture.  If you have seen the show, you know we promote new conservative artists every broadcast.  If you HAVEN’T seen the show, (shaking head) you can check out any of the replays here.

Show your support for conservative programming, and be listed in The Society of Extra Smart & Better Looking than Most People…aka ‘the In crowd’  

If we’re going to do this right, we’re gonna have to advertise.  So let’s get to it.  The sooner we raise $10,000 smooth ones (or close to it), the sooner ‘the IN word’ will get back on a regular weekly basis with more great guests.

In the interim, we will occasionally have ‘special broadcasts’ when we can.

Now you can donate here in whatever amount you are comfortable.

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>Victoria Jackson mentions Sonja & our show in her new article!


Black conservatives are busy!
by Victoria Jackson

Most of us agree Herman Cain won the first Republican presidential candidate debate. Allen West and Star Parker are blazing across the heavens. I hear these three speak and I jump up and down. There is hope for my country…. Read the rest of the article here!

>A Strong Weiner?

>NBC: Weiner ‘Showed Strength’

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— Kel Fritzi
“…Your use of dialog interspersed with perfect pics and videos was amazing.
Lots of fun. Loved it and can’t wait for the next one! ♥”
— Pat Bresler
“My husband and I laughed ourselves silly. SO much fun…”
— Patricia Weems
“Excellent show last night, JoeDan! OMG… Carol Burnett’s “Gone With the Wind,” skit is my all time favorite!!! Fnniest I have ever seen! The In Word will be a continued success!!!”
— Jeannie Gill Hinck
“I loved it too! GREAT show!!!! Can’t wait for the next one.”
— Kim Schneider
“Since I go to bed with the chickens, I missed the show, but caught up with you guys this morning. I enjoyed your show very much, laughter and good music, doesn’t get any better then this. Thanks to you guys for creating a totally politicallt incorrect show, I loved it!”
–Mary Cox
“This conservative supports you! The show will snowball…mark my words. Cheers!”
— The Alana Burke Show

>In case you missed the Debut Show….

Online video chat by Ustream

>TONIGHT! ‘the IN word’ with Sonja Schmidt & The Token White Guy


LIVE! 11PM ET, 10PM CT & 8PM PT!

Hey folks! Tonight’s the night you’ve all been waiting for! The LIVE streaming of our very first show, “The In Word”. We hope you’ll join us for the fun…and tell about six hundred of your closest friends. 

MUSIC!  We’ll also be featuring cool conservative artists…(and ‘no’ just because you’re conservative don’t make you good).  Tonight, NYC’s only Urban conservative rocker….TOOTS SWEET!

Tonight 11PM ET, 8PM PT

While you’re watching don’t forget to log in to the chat room where you can say anything you want about the show. Except if you hate it, ‘cause then we’ll be forced to delete your butts! Actually you can chat about anything or you can ask us any questions you’d like us to answer on our next show!

So if you’ve been looking for a way to support conservative artists or just looking for a rocking lib-free entertainment webcast show you can watch in your underpants, check out “The IN Word” tonight — 8pm PT & 11pm ET.

See you there!

Sonja Schmidt & Joe Dan Gorman

The video that sets the tone… “Freedom is Colorblind”

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I LOVE ‘the IN word’! by Sonja Schmidt