Here a racist, there a racist, everywhere a racist racist! As the 2012 Presidential campaign heats up any and all questioning of the sitting Commander In Chief will be squarely met with finding a racist under every rock.  Who will boldly go forth and say what needs to be said about this disgraceful pattern?

How about an on-air duo made up of one white male from Kentucky and one black female from South Central Los Angeles?  Hosts, Joe Dan Gorman and Sonja Schmidt are in their element ripping the PC lid off the topic of race which they do on their weekly UStream show premiering Wednesday, June 8, titled, The In Word, a fun and in-your-face webcast program, complete with a viewer warning right up front.


Sonja Schmidt is a veteran TV Writer/ Producer, children’s author and political activist.  She hosts, LeftExposed, a hit commentary shows at www.PJTV.com. Schmidt is also currently developing “Ladies of The Right” a two-woman conservative live, comedy touring, stage show.

Joe Dan Gorman, Writer & multi-media Producer seemed to appear out of nowhere in 2009, when his personal YouTube channel ‘JoeDanMedia’ almost immediately eclipsed the 100,000 viewer mark.  Since then JoeDanMedia.com productions have been featured by Michelle Malkin, BreitbartTV and countless others.

CONTACT: To advertise on The In Word, To book an interview with The In Word hosts Sonja Schmidt & Joe Dan Gorman, or if you are inquiring about being a guest on the show, email admin@the-in-word.com.  Thank you.


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