‘the IN word” 5 Week Demo Series ends on high note!

We were proud to wind up our demo series with such a steller line-up week after week after week.

For a brand new show created, written and produced by 2 people, with ZERO budget and no corporate sponsorship….It is nothing less than amazing that in just 5 weeks, our guest-list includes… Victoria Jackson (former cast member at Saturday Night Live), Ben Shapiro (author Primetime Propaganda), Ellen Karis (the Greek Goddess of Comedy), Alana Burke (The Alana Burke Show), Alfonzo Rachel (PJTV), Kevin Jackson (theBlackSphere.net)….not to mention our musical guests: Kory Shore, Michael Riser, Toots Sweet, Neal Fox, Nate Smoove, Jeremy Dodge, and JoeDanMedia

Our new “Blank Game” segment was a blast and will be a regular segment upon our return. And we WILL be back soon!

Sponsor Hunt Time Now its time to go get some sponsors… and get some sponsors is exactly what we’re going to do.

If you would like to get involved as a Sponsor, Advertiser, Executive Producer…or just as a contributor, please contact us at ‘admin@the-IN-word.com’

The Numbers…  In securing sponsors, our viewing numbers are very important.  So even if you are unable to get involved financially, you can be a HUGE help just by watching and sharing the show with friends.

Our 5 pilot episodes will remain available for viewing…..  and PLEASE share.  We cannot emphasize this enough.   Although you may have missed the LIVE show, it still helps our numbers when you watch the replays.  So please share any episodes that you like…and encourage your friend to do the same.

This is truly a grassroots program.

God bless, and thank you so much for your support.

Watch the last show HERE NOW!

Live Broadcasting by Ustream


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