OMG! I haven’t checked Drudge for almost an hour…

Conservatives are to news, what Imelda is to shoes

[The riveting sequel to ‘The Vast Right Wing Complacency’]

by Joe Dan Gorman

“OMG!  Did you see what Obama did today?” said the tweeting, yet feverishly over-facebooked conservative copy & paster.

Uh, yes I did…because you are the 137th conservative Facebooker/Twitter-er on my friend’s list that posted it….today

…in the past hour.

Conservatives are to ‘the news’ what Imelda Marcos was to ‘shoes’… We can’t get enough. The more we get, the more we want.

This is why conservatives lost the media to the libs in the first place.   Don’t get me wrong, the news is extraordinarily important, however, the news is but a small portion of the very important and very LARGE ‘media pie’.   But history is proving that as long as we (conservatives) have our little slice of this pie (AM radio and Fox News)… we’re happy as clams and couldn’t possibly care less about the Entertainment Media, aka The Primetime Media, aka the single largest & regularly-occurring voluntary-congregation of people on the planet…..  and therein lies the problem.

And it’s a BIG problem.

The news, for the most part is related to events that have already happened.  On the flip-side (or the conservative blind-side as it should be called), it’s the ‘entertainment media’ that creates public perceptions that absolutely affect future events…   It’s the ‘entertainment media’ that accompanies Americans in their leisure time, it’s the ‘entertainment media’ that is associated with fun…and it’s the ‘entertainment media’ that Americans hang out with on the weekends.  Hell, they go to the friggin beach together!

It’s also the ‘entertainment media’ that generates agenda-driven false-realities from ‘global warming hysteria’ and ‘evil capitalism’ to ‘the Martin Luther-izing’ of gays in society..

Perception is Reality…

For example, take the media created illusion that ‘over 10% of Americans are gay.’  The average American knows more gay TV characters, than real life gay people.   Despite their best efforts to portray ‘gay’ as representative of 10-25% of the population, the total number of gays is closer to 2% [The University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center, which has been conducting scientifically designed surveys on homosexuality for close to 30 years – far longer than the U.S. Census Bureau] (hat-tip to Ben Shapiro)

And it is the entertainment media that shaped and conditioned an entire generation of voters to welcome a Marxist into the White House.

We have been Alinsky-ed.

It would be comical, if it weren’t so serious.   We as conservatives laugh at liberals for ‘their sheep mentality’, and we regularly curse at the media for their ‘in plain sight’ liberal bias…as we wait patiently for what’s ‘coming on’ next.

“Bring the popcorn, Ethel!”

We're outraged!!!!!

We are supposed to be the smart ones, but sadly, when looking for solutions to this obvious and serious ‘freedom threatening’ problem, we conservatives are like the drunk guy looking for his car keys under the street light, rather than looking where he actually lost them— because the ‘light is better’.

Ben Shapiro, author of the awesome and highly recommended book “Primetime Propaganda”, accurately pointed out, “Conservatives think of themselves as rational” and “Liberals as ’emotional.”  But how rational IS it to ignore emotion?  “Some of our biggest life decisions are based on emotion…we get married because of emotion, we get divorced because of emotion. and we buy our homes…largely based… on emotion.”

The entertainment media is SO far gone, the best we can hope for is a ‘semi-level’ playing field…sometime down the road.  But this won’t happen until we STOP being unwitting and apathetic accomplices.

Because it CERTAINLY does not help matters that so many conservatives are ‘unconsciously’ feeding the beast.  When conservatives opt to watch programming like “Two and a Half Men”— they’re making liberals rich and driving more and more advertising dollars to liberal causes, agendas and candidates.

"Man, I'm diggin this Rush Limbaugh" "Me too", "Me too" "Yup"

We have lost complete control.  We conservatives, don’t even have a platform to put forth our reasoned and rational arguments that counter the absurd left-wing ‘socialista’ propaganda that they use to ‘globally-marinade’ our children.  As a result, their emotion-soaked agenda- driven claims are accepted as fact by our youth…and WE are the lunatics when we express disagreement.

And do not think for one minute that the entertainment media does not ‘feed and feed off of’ our government education system. [Heather has 2 Mommies? “Don’t be late to class, we’re watching Al Gore’s movie!”]

But how do we counter MTV? Nickelodeon? Disney?  With AM radio and Fox News?  Yeah right, kids much prefer Bill O’Reilly over Sponge Bob.


Tom Petty – This month’s Liberal Hissy Fit Winner

Another great example of the conservative entertainment black hole just took place, ala 2008 Palin—when ultra-liberal Tom Petty threw a hissy fit because Michelle Bachmann was using one of his songs.  [Petty was quoted as saying, “Shee uh, semi-duh doh, schmeckee Obama doo doo mank–aight?”]   IF you recall, in 2008, Nancy “a whole-lotta- has-been” Wilson of the band Heart threw her own liberal tantrum when Sarah Palin was using her song Barracuda. [this one could have been settled if we had only had some fish-sticks]  Anyway, the point is this…When our conservative leaders don’t know where to turn for quality conservative music & entertainment, then it’s safe to say that ‘nobody does.’  

The truth is that there ARE absolutely GREAT conservative writers, actors, musicians, comics…but there is no conventional means for these talented folks to be seen or heard.  And sadly today’s ‘trained conservative’ looks no further for their entertainment than the typical Liberal sources….ABC, CBS, SNL, NBC, on and on… Why? Because Libs have conditioned us to do so.

Conservative programming has a track-record similar to that of Wylie Coyote verses The Road Runner.  There have been countless new conservative entertainment ventures popping up, some more prominently than others….but it seems nearly all have been pre-destined to doom.   This can unarguably be traced to two specific causes: (1) blocked access to conventional mainstream entertainment venues aka Political Discrimination, and (2) the lack of the funding necessary to circumvent this monumental obstacle.

THE NEW INTERACTIVE MEDIA Conservatives need to be ‘untrained’ from their Pavlovian attraction to television.  The internet IS the future of TV, and conservatives can get a leg up on this new media.  The time has come to accept your computer as a primary source of entertainment (or you can wait until the liberals dictate it).

It is also important to note that conservative viewers need to watch with an unconventional eye…  understand that conservative entertainers cannot compete with their liberal counterparts with regard to glitzy sets, unlimited budgets and the Hollywood fan-fare.  But with regard to talent, these conservative artists will go toe to toe with any of ’em.

SUPPORTING THE NEW MEDIA It doesn’t take a million dollar budget to make people laugh…or to make people want to dance and sing along to a good song.  But success DOES require exposure… and exposure requires money.

The New Media

Even if you’re broke, you can support by watching!  One very effective way for a show to secure financing is through its numbers. Every person that watches, shares and subscribes to the show is helping to increase the chances of outside funding.

If you really like the show, and you are in a position to do so, create a direct association with it.  Inquire about becoming an Executive Producer and be in the credits – Executive Producers are people who help finance, but don’t have creative voice.

And while there is no quick fix to a task that is undoubtedly monumental— we’d best get started. But rather than start with a network, let’s start with a show.

‘the IN word’ [cue the theme music please] How about THAT for a name?  Tell me of a better show name, and I’ll wear an “I love Barney Frank” Tee Shirt for a week…in public.  A completely apolitical ‘show name’, yet liberal heads will explode, lol…ah, the little pleasures in life.   A late night music and comedy show featuring music, comedy and other mental stimuli—-where each week you are introduced to at least one new conservative musical artist…  And these artists are top-notch talents that have been heavily scrutinized—because ‘just being conservative’ does not make you good.

‘the IN word’ is PC defying fun (just ask my aunt).  The show, only weeks old and still in its infancy, is co-hosted by the lovely Sonja Schmidt of PJTV.  Sonja is a talented writer/actress/author, a Hollywood veteran and a damn brave lady.  As a black conservative woman in Hollywood, Sonja gets a special kind of hate from the Hollywood lefties.  Sonja’s resume includes In Living Color, The Arsenio Hall Show & Disney.

Sonja’s co-host could not be more of her polar-opposite, a white guy from the hills of Kentucky, the hillbilly heart-throb himself….me.  LOL

While the show is not centered around the day’s news and politics, we absolutely do face-punch liberal-defined stereotypes & social decorum with a smile.  And we recommend that all show complaints be sent directly to the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Sonja Schmidt and I just completed a successful 5 Show Demo Series of ‘the IN word’ on UStreamTV , where we were joined by an assortment of ‘quality’ conservative musical talent, as well as a few names you are likely familiar with…Ben Shapiro, Victoria Jackson, Ellen Karis, Alfonzo Rachel, Kevin Jackson, Dr. Gina Loudon…. but ‘the IN word’ will be returning in a few weeks.

In the meantime the 5 episodes are available at your convenience.  And Even if…by some unfortunate genetic happenstance…you don’t care for Sonja and me, you will absolutely love our guests.

‘the IN word’ is a low-budget, high octane show and the viewers that have seen it—become loyal.

So give us a chance… Watch one of our shows.  And we don’t mind you checking us out because we’re conservative—but we want you to come back because we’re good.

If you’d like to get involved by being an Executive Producer, an advertiser or a sponsor us, please contact us (

OH…And if there is a better conservative entertainment show out there, tell us about it.  Tell your friends about it.   Whether it’s us, or someone else, it’s time to get off our butts…that is, if we really ARE the smart ones.

On the other hand, we can continue to ignore the importance of the entertainment media, and we are simply delaying the inevitable, Comrade.

Hmmm, this is all good and well… but I gotta go check Drudge.

Joe Dan Gorman is a multi-media producer and co-host of ‘the IN word’ with PJTV’s Sonja Schmidt.  Read Part 1 of The Vast Right Wing Complacency 


10 Comments on “OMG! I haven’t checked Drudge for almost an hour…”

  1. Phil says:

    I think entertainers endear us to them and, then, they get political. People like Al Franken and Tom Hanks were like that. We shouldn’t pander to emotions, getting down to their level, but we could probably add some more fun stuff, other than rock-country hybrid music at conservative rallies.

  2. Nancy Couch says:

    Great Website! Great show! I’m all signed up.

  3. Nea Poole says:

    Joe Dan…you are both right and wrong. Your basic premise is correct that we as conservatives cannot ignore or give a pass to the entertainment media. I know this is a special topic for you. However to belittle those of us who share news stories TOTALLY ignores the reality of the news blackout the mainstream media can effect. I just spent the past weekend with very well informed, very conservative, very influential executives. NOT A ONE had heard anything at all about the ATF gun sale story that should be front page of every newspaper in the nation. Why? Because they tend toward newspapers and “regular” television news. I repost stories like a maniac and share links with friends so that they cannot be buried.

    While you are correct to focus on the inculcation of our children through the entertainment media do not do so at the expense of their parents and the “real” news. (and contact me about this sometime…you want an earfull about the BS Disney is showering on our kids talk to me, they are just about evil. Walt would die if he was not dead).

  4. Nea,

    I love ya, but I am not wrong. I am not talking about a 1 day, 1 year or even 1 decade event here. The Mainstream News Media has become ‘attached at the hip’ to the Mainstream Entertainment Media. And you see partnerships coming from it every day. [i.e. NYT is in bed with NBC who owns MSNBC…on and on]. The is NO space between them. Years of Entertainment Media impacts EVERYTHING including the News Black Outs that you mention.

    I’m not at all saying not to share news events… that would be absurd. In fact I point out that they are important. We MUST share the news. Post post post..but our job is FAR from done!

    We have to chop the head off the beast—which is the Entertainment Media. Or at least damage it.

    Hell out of 100 freakin news posts…throw in some other media. Take a few minutes from “Walter Cronkite World” and patronize artists that are not enemies of God, America and Right & Wrong!

    Or not.

    • Nea Poole says:

      We are on the same page…as I mentioned above I need to share my rant about children’s shows with you. Even cartoons have gay characters, fathers are buffoons or non existent, most mothers are single, Many children live alone and most every relationship (which is absurd because why are 8 year olds pairing off) is bi racial.

      However, where you and I perhaps take a different tack is about strategy. As much as the entertainment media and their clear plan to inculcate us and our young to their Sodomite/progressive mores is your “windmill” (and one I want to fight against also) one of my peeves is the way we conservatives eat our own. My take on your topic is not that one should ignore the work of spreading the news (or be chastised for it as you do at the beginning of your piece) but that each of us who tries to educate others should broaden our net and spend more time on entertainment biases. For example…I had a friend the other day post about the new “Cars” movie. He walked out because he felt the thing was sooo way left….old gas using cars were the bad guys and oil companies were evil. I am looking into this…if true i have one less movie to take my kids to and more to post.

      At the end of the day we both need to keep up the good fight. These are scary times.

  5. Nea Poole says:

    And…to be clear…I do vote with my feet (lol or eyes). I stopped watching “Ellen” when she felt the need to come out. I NEVER watched ONE Will and Grace. My kids have a list of banned Disney shows and something like 2 and a half men is so off my radar I cannot begin to comment on that. Saturday Night live? fugettaboutit. We are down to shows like Ice Road Truckers and history channel…though I vet their shows before showing to my kids. I have taken to renting old Brady bunch, Hogan’s heroes, Twilight Zones, Star Treks and Giligans for my kids. F-er are going to have to work to my kids.

    My 10 year old was in her science class this past spring when global warming came up. She raised her hand and told her teacher…”The Poole Family does not believe in global warming” That’s my girl!!!

  6. Nothing like a group hug. LOL. In short, the News Media is a ‘battle”… the media in general is the war.

  7. Bing Fischer says:

    Good post man! And we at TradAM love the show when we can remember to catch it! lol

    I would rather to ask for forgiveness than permission but we are running your banner ad on our website now in rotation for free.

    Hopefully we can generate more viewers for you.

    Take care and stay safe!

  8. Valene Kuhn says:

    This is very interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post. Also, I’ve shared your site in my social networks!

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